9 Questions to Ask about Your Affiliate Tracking Software

School of Fish

If you plan on launching a product — be it an information product (a course, a membership website, a coaching program, a book) or an “offline” product like an event — through a network of joint venture partners, one of the most important considerations is the software you are going to use for affiliate tracking.…

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Make It Fancy or Make It Work?

Rocket Garden

We arrived late. The tour bus had just left and it was the last one for the day. So the only thing we could do now at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral was check out The Rocket Garden and a Shuttle prototype turned into an exposition. Turned out, I didn’t need a tour.…

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Product Launch: Who’ll Get That Last “Cookie”?

Last Cookie

Most of the big product launches we get to hear about are done via a network of joint venture partners with large lists. It is not uncommon for the same subscriber to be on several lists and hence receive emails about the same promotion from several joint venture partners or affiliates at the same time.…

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3 Main Phases Of A Product Launch

Product Launch Diagram

Most product launches have — or at least should have — three main phases: 1. Pre-Launch 2. Launch 3. Post-Launch Let’s look at each phase and what it entails. Pre-Launch Pre-Launch is typically a 3-7 day period when prospects receive a lot of quality information and get excited about the upcoming product launch. The information…

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