Your "iOS14 Vaccine" Shot to Fix Conversion Tracking

Apple put Facebook (and the entire digital marketing industry) on notice.

The new iOS14 update has been spreading across more and more phones, rendering old tracking pixels dead. Audience targeting, recently so precise, is becoming less effective.

The tech giant boldly moved a chess piece across the board. 


Facebook scrambled and came up with Conversions API (CAPI.)

Attack averted. Whew, right?

Well, not so fast.

Just because the blue-logo beast created another fancy acronym, our troubles are far from over. If you ever felt like it took a CompSci degree to figure out tracking, this new tech can present a challenge even to a seasoned coder.

The reason is "stacks". All the Shopping carts, CRMs, blogs, page builders, live chats... the parts that websites are built from. Held together by APIs and IFRAMEs, the online version of duct tape and bailing wire.

Each website is unique because each one runs on a different stack. And each stack requires that conversion tracking is set up differently. 

Clients knows us as competent Google Ads jockeys. Agencies consider us their "crack team" for Analytics and tracking. Technical stuff that most people find icky, we dig. Four of us have engineering degrees. Pre- digital ads, we built enterprise software and created courses on machine learning.