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"The purpose of marketing is to make selling superfluous"
- Peter Drucker

^^ How these three awesome companies discovered powerful ways to grow without hiring more (or any) salespeople

Hi, I'm Alex.

I consult, think, and write about marketing, technology, and people. Engineer turned marketer, I'm keenly interested in the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning in advertising and marketing.

On several occasions, I have served as a CTO or CMO on the executive teams of several companies. For other organisations, my team and I have become an outsourced marketing department.  

Alex Makarski

Alex Makarski

Core Services

Marketing Automation & Orchestration

ML/AI-Driven Paid Media Campaigns

Digital "Plumbing" for KPIs and Analytics

COrnerstone Principles of AI-Based MArketing

1. He who has the most data, wins

Having data has always been an advantage. Now it's become life-and-death important.

In the past, you needed the data to support business decision-making and to have something to put in your reports for management and investors. Today, you need a lot more data, and faster, to "train" the AI so that it would "know" how to help you amplify your marketing. 

2. It's better to have no data at all than to have data that's wrong

What would happen if you were to load the wrong map into your self-driving vehicle? (If you had one today, of course.) Nothing good, of course. 

Well, give bad data to the AI and see what it does to your business. I promise you, you won't like it. 

3. Let the machine do what it's the best at, let humans do the rest

AI is becoming smarter and capable of more things at a rapid pace.  Every time we say to ourselves, "A computer will never be able to do that," shortly after, computer does whatever that is, and almost invariably better than a human 

On the other hand, there are still important tasks and decisions requiring a human. 

What Our Clients Say

"Alex has helped us implement a marketing approach that has been instrumental in accelerating our growth by $1M this year."

Jay Moohnah

Wild Apricot (Toronto)

Jay Moonah

"Alex knows a lot about traffic generation. He became a trusted team member in a fast paced start-up that is rather allergic to 'marketers'."

Evan Powell

StackStorm (Palo Alto)

Eval Powell

Grab a Coffee, Take a Read

We've put together three case studies of three different software companies that grew their user base / revenue / community without hiring, training, or managing a small army of salespeople (which would be a more traditional approach.)  

Growth is easier and faster when you can provide value to your users before they've even invested their first dollar into your software. 

Go ahead, it's free... i.e. it should be within most people's budgets :-)

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