Who Am I? 

Dad. Husband. Consultant. Coach. Lifetime student.

My Marketing DNA numbers: 4 9 4 8

Things I Like

Jazz that is not smooth. Wine that is not white. Ideas that are not lame.

How I Got Here

Almost two decades ago, I started my professional career as a software developer…only to realize I wasn’t particularly good at stringing lines of code together. I did, however, have a knack for figuring out how a piece of software and a new process can be applied to a particular business problem. So instead of getting fired I got promoted and went on to manage two software groups and dozens of projects for companies like McDonald’s, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, etc.

Throughout that period, I had worked for several small consulting firms taking on large software projects for international brands. First, it was in Russia. Since 1999, in Canada. At different points in my career, I was a consultant, a project manager, a marketing director, a sales person, senior manager, CTO, anything and everything in between. I was there through every boom, bust, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, downsizing, and hiring sprees. I’ve been a part of new products launched in the lab and sold to VCs, and then even newer products conceived on the night when the sale of the previous one went through.

Throughout these years, I have been a student of business and marketing. I was an entrepreneur while holding a job with someone else. So it only made sense for me to eventually take the plunge into the uncharted waters of business ownership. Which is exactly what I did in 2004.

So What Am I Now?

There isn’t a snappy 15-second “elevator pitch” that could help me here. At social or business gatherings, I may try to deke that question. When pressed (some people just need to know, eh?), I usually introduce myself as a “hockey dad”.

Which, of course, I am.

However, they usually want to now what I get paid for (the nerve!), not how I spend my time and money.

Well, here are some of the things I got paid for over the last X years:

  • Helped a 7-year old company set up their marketing processes that allowed them grow by $1M that year
  • Put together a tele-summit in a business opportunity niche with 3,000+ participants from five continents checking in every week to listen to the business advice shared live by some of the biggest names in that industry
  • Worked with a major info-marketing organization to set up strategic partnerships in their sector and grow their list of subscribers to 170,000
  • Managed a book launch campaign to make it a bestseller in its category on Amazon (and yes, we actually made money in the process, something that most, even best-selling book projects, very often do not)
  • Oversaw the implementation of business software solutions for companies varying in size from a few million to $2 Billion
  • Created a lead generation funnel for a premier provider of consumer in-home services that is now able to charge the fees 1.83 times higher on average than their competition
  • Put together and taught a live seminar for entrepreneurs in Toronto, London (ON), Ottawa, Montreal, Chicago, and Austin
  • Was invited to speak at an annual national industry tradeshow
  • Spoke at dozens of Rotary clubs as well as business referral and networking groups
  • Was asked by a service company to train their top agents on how to generate more leads and close more sales

Here are some of the more recent clients (in no particular order):

Healthy Wealthy n Wise

Small Business CEO Magazine

The 5 Pillars of Life (Dr. Symeon Roger)

Jack Zufelt

Wild Apricot


Innovative Insurance

Toronto Women’s Expo

Progress Coffee Roasting

Sharp End Training

Where From Here?

There is a movement and life’s philosophy that is close to my heart, so brilliantly captured and articulated by Eric Ries in his book, The Lean Startup. (It is, by the way, not just about startups.)

To evangelize the new generation of entrepreneurs and managers on The Lean Startup approach to innovation and business growth, I am interviewing thought leaders on this topic and posting these interviews on my podcast site called Action Hangout.

I continue working with select consulting clients. If you would like to discuss your project with me, you can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me. Here’s the page where you can do that:

Free 20-Minute Consultation With Alex

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